Kalis Wish – Cancer Foundation
Our goal is to provide you with pet cancer-related information, resources and support to help you keep your pets cancer free.

World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA)
WSAVA’s primary purpose is to advance the quality and availability of small animal medicine and surgery, creating a unified standard of care for the benefit of animals and humankind.

Bone Cancer Dogs
Information on bone cancer in dogs

Blog about Pet Health, Tips and Advices, Training Tips and more

Pet First Aid – Basic Information
Animal Veterinary Medical Association

Yaletown Pet Hospital 
A library of professionally written articles updated by practice experts and reviewed by practitioners to bring you the most up-to-date, trustworthy pet health information.

Medical Articles for Pet Owners
BluePearl pet hospitals – Our library of medical articles offers information on a wide variety of pet illnesses, injuries, diagnostic tests, surgeries and more.

Pet First Aid Courses & Seminars

ACE Academy for Canine Educators
Let us educate you in obedience, health & behavior. Enjoy our free weekly ACE newsletter and webinar.

Dogsafe Canine First Aid
Provider of canine first aid and safety education

Walks ‘N’ Wags Pet First Aid courses
Lower Mainland locations